Cody’s Office

Okay, like this is the front page.  It is really dull right now because nothing is here yet.  Hopefully it won’t be this way long.  Please, please, please give me a few days and something will be here.  At least something better than this rambling dribble.

In the mean time… Hrm, is time mean?  I mean, why would someone call time mean?  Oh, who cares!

Hey, I’m tired.  I’ve been pounding the pavement all day looking for clues and my little paws hurt.  See? (I am now lifting my paw to the screen so that you can see it.)  Feel sorry for me yet?  No?  I didn’t think you would.  Forgive me for trying to obtain sympathy?  I hope so.

Check out the other sections of my blog (did you know that blog rhymes with dog?) there are a few things around.

 Bye-byes!  See you later.